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Family Home Center Crestview FL

About Us

Thanks for visiting our website.

I’ve been helping people like you find the right home for 31 years.

What makes a home “the right home”?

When you get these 3 things you know you have the right home:

  • You have to love love love the floor plan and design.
  • You want to get a great financing deal.
  • You want your new home delivered and set up quickly and done right the first time.

Keep reading to find out the un-common and surprising ways my team and I work to make sure you get all three.

Your Floor Plan

When you visit our location you’ll have fun walking around our big yard looking at all our model homes. Our model homes are set up and open so you can walk through every room. Most of them are even furnished so you can sit on a sofa and imagine what it’ll feel like when you move in. I promise we’ll help you find a floor plan you love.

But here’s where we go the extra mile just for you. You can customize any home to make the floor plan exactly how you want it.

Here’s an example so you can see what I mean:

I had a married couple come in a few weeks ago looking for a home, they have 1 kid, a couple dogs, and they said they’re trying to have a second child. They picked out “The Wimberly” floor plan but there was a problem, they wanted to move a door from one side to the other because the husband wanted to use one of the bedrooms as an office until the day their baby on the way needed the room.

Some other home seller would have told this couple to “hit the bricks”. But not us! We have a whole office at headquarters just for making custom changes to your floor plan. They get on the computer and perfectly design any change you can imagine. Moving rooms, deleting rooms, adding rooms, moving windows, etc… anything on any floor plan can be customized and changed.

Financing Your Home

Since I’ve been here in Crestview selling homes for so many years I’ve built up a relationship with the banks. They know I sell a lot of homes and want our business. That’s right, the banks fight over our clients and trip all over themselves to make you the best deal.

Unlike other home sellers, we don’t just feed your info into a soul-less computer and hope for the best. We work with real people at the banks who want your business. That means even if you’ve been turned down before, we might be able to help you.

Delivery and Set Up

Construction, delivery, set up, permits. Getting you into your new home is a HUGE project. And we handle it all. The only time you lift a finger is when I hand you the keys to your new front door.

Visit Us Today

Stop by our location today and have a look around. One of my customer service managers is always at your service to answer your questions. And don’t worry about getting the hard sell, all my staff are under strict orders to not be too pushy. Come on down, we’ll treat you like family.


Family Home Center Crestview

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